Activities and Initiatives

The APMR organizes various activities and initiatives in the community:


Manage the Facebook discussion group Parents VMR TMR

Represent family interests to the Town of Mount-Royal

Connect with Montreal Police and Public Security

Pumpkin decoration contest

Bellies and Babies Brunch

Honey extraction workshop with Alvéole

Horticulture workshop

Outdoor art family exhibition

Family dinner with arts & crafts & movie night at “La Sirene”

Various conferences

Sending the list of TMR babysitters

Presence at the Summerfest and Fall fair

Promote street food trucks and the annual neighbors party

Halloween pumpkin Contest

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Enter our virtual contest! The 3 winning pumpkins will receive a LEONIDAS chocolates bundle.

Contest Rules:

  • Post your pumpkin pictures on our APMR Halloween pumpkin contest Facebook event page until October 31th.
  • Vote will be done using Likes
  • The number of Likes will determine the 3 winning pumpkins
  • The winners will be announced on our web site on November 1st.

Family activities for Halloween

Halloween playlists We suggest 3 playlists to bring a Halloween atmosphere at home and in the streets!

Halloween gourmet family

Candy Pinata

No trick or treating this year? The APMR invites you to create a candy piñata!

Fun Recipes

Whip up frighteningly delicious desserts and snacks!

Mount Royal parents group gathers on web for meeting

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Led by current president, Sophie Séguin, the Association des Parents de Mont-Royal (APMR) will be looking for ideas and volunteer commitments when the annual general meeting by video conference is held at the end of the month.

In a message to parents and members, Séguin says the association has reached a pivotal and decisive year in their mission to serve families and will renew and redefine itself for the future.

This year will be crucial she says as the APMR will crystallize the mission taking into account the needs of members, current challenges, and relationships with the Town and others. “Many of you show an interest in the well-being of Mount Royal families and we are very grateful that you participate so actively in the discussions on our Facebook page,” she says.

This involvement can now become more concrete by volunteering for the association. She says, “We invite you to state this interest by proactively getting involved in the APMR”.

There is an opportunity to make a change says Séguin. “If you have any dissatisfaction, questions, suggestions or projects aimed at improving the community life of Mount Royal, why not join a team whose objective is the improvement of this community life?” There are still positions open on the board.

She says this is an opportunity to get involved and work with a team of committed and dynamic volunteers, who meet once or twice every three months.

“We are looking for people who represent all facets of our community — who are interested and open to working together for the common well-being,” says Séguin.

The meeting will be held by video-conference on the website Zoom, Wednesday, September 30 at 7:30 p.m. To join the meeting a password will be needed and this can be obtained from the association by email: The Board of Directors up for election for this coming term are: Maria Reit, Polina Vasherman, Samia Chebeir. Haylley Pérez Islas, Marie-Isabelle Roy, Van-Anh Le, Annie Tremblay, Chantal Goffoz, Gabriella Munro and Eve Jacob Tremblay

CODE OF CONDUCT – Facebook private group “Parents VMR TMR”

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In order to access the private Facebook APMR private group (“Parents VMR TMR”), you will need to answer the questions beforehand in order for us to accept your Facebook request. We strongly encourage those who follow our Facebook private group to support the APMR by paying the LIFETIME fee of $15 per family. This amount supports the APMR, a non-profit organization solely run by volunteers. Being a member of the APMR allows several services, activities and exclusive benefits for members such as: the list of TMR babysitter, registration of certain services in TMR & our periodic newsletter once you join the APMR membership.

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Mount Royal parents are desperate for babysitters

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The president of the Association des Parents de MontRoyal (APMR) reports that there has been a big increase in demand for babysitters this year in connection with the pandemic.

“Our Facebook group was drowning in demand for babysitters, so we even created a sub-group for people who are looking for babysitters and cleaning ladies,” said Sophie Seguin, APMR president. “There was so much demand for it. Enormous.”

In connection with this needs, the group allowed students who are looking for jobs to post on their Facebook page for the first time – this includes both university and secondary school students.

“Because they couldn’t find jobs this year, and they can babysit children,” Seguin explained. She said she isn’t sure if the rate that babysitters charge went up this year because of the increase in demand with schools and summer camps being closed – or parents afraid to send their children even to day camps for fear of the virus.

“We are just a platform to make it easier to exchange information,” she said.

However, one of the parents in the Facebook group recently asked this exact question of other parents in the Town of Mount Royal – How much do you pay your babysitter? The answer – $15 per hour, several parents replied. A Mount Royal mother, Chantal, who also pays her babysitter $15 per hour, commented, “I remember 30 years ago, I was paid $2 per hour – for three kids, meal, bath time… time changes.


A touchy subject – Back to school, or not?

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The Association des Parents de Mont-Royal (APMR) is without a position on the touchy issue of sending children back to school in September during this coronavirus pandemic. “We don’t declare our opinion on this subject since we’re not specialists in medicine or education, and we don’t have experts on this,” said Sophie Seguin, who is the president of the APMR and a mother to two primary school children. “I don’t want to talk about my personal opinion.”


The APMR has a Facebook group which recently grew to 1,200 members – but the issue of children returning to school in the fall has not been a hot subject, according to Seguin. “Some people posted articles about it, but it didn’t cause big debates,” she said. “We don’t want