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APMR, founded in 1973, aims to ensure the well-being of the children of Town of Mount-Royal in terms of education and to ensure collective representation of their parents. A non-profit organization runs exclusively by volunteers, the APMR offers a variety of services, including the list of caregivers, conferences, social events, and several other activities for families.

The APMR is in constant development and wants to meet the needs of TMR families: Join in and share your ideas!

A garden city, but also a united community. Let’s build it together.

Town of  Mount-Royal welcomes more and more young families, and it is with the involvement of everyone that a gathering of parents is transformed into a united and dynamic community. Family support, self-help and discussions, activities and workshops are on the agenda.

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Town of Mount Royal

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AMPR, a growing family!

A community for parents and children

Assistance, suggestions, services and activities are available. We believe it is important to open communication between TMR families, and to make community life more enjoyable in TMR.

Activities for everyone

APMR organizes several cultural, sporting and reunion activities annually.

Training and Conferences

APMR is quietly mobilizing to provide information or training sessions to VMR’s parents.

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