CODE OF CONDUCT – Facebook private group “Parents VMR TMR”


In order to access the private Facebook APMR private group (“Parents VMR TMR”), you will need to answer the questions beforehand in order for us to accept your Facebook request. We strongly encourage those who follow our Facebook private group to support the APMR by paying the LIFETIME fee of $15 per family. This amount supports the APMR, a non-profit organization solely run by volunteers. Being a member of the APMR allows several services, activities and exclusive benefits for members such as: the list of TMR babysitter, registration of certain services in TMR & our periodic newsletter once you join the APMR membership.

CODE OF CONDUCT – Facebook private group “Parents VMR TMR”

Should you join the APMR Facebook private group you agree to abide by the rules of good conduct as stipulated below:

  1. All dialogue must be respectful and in a satisfactory manner to all parties involved.
  2. Be It’s okay to disagree with other members. In fact, we encourage debate, but keep the dialogue positive.
  3. Being civil and respectful towards others are a must.
  4. Freedom of speech is encouraged which also means one must respect everyone’s opinion despite the disagreements we might face.
  5. Let’s be respectful with one another. We understand that we might not agree with every opinion however it’s important to focus on the issue at hand versus the discussion to deteriorate by insulting people.
  6. Ensure to always write in lower caps as writing in caps gives the impression of ‘’shouting’’. If you want to emphasize a statement, please bold or italicize your words.
  7. The Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms must be respected at all times.
  8. All must use their true identity on our Facebook group. In other words, we don’t allow anonymous posts.
  9. Please do a search to ensure the subject has not already been discussed by clicking on the search button located on the left hand side of the group. For example, recommendations on some companies, babysitters, housekeeping subjects are usually a frequent topic.
  10. All ads (related to sales, services, etc.), must be posted on the Bazar TMR Facebook group. During the pandemic, some service offers may be posted if the APMR deems it adequate.
  11. Any member not respecting the code of conduct may be removed from the Facebook group.

When the rules of conduct are not respected, the APMR can, at any time:

  1. Refuse a post to be published;
  2. Delete any comment that may be breaking the rules;
  3. Suspend or exclude a participant from the Facebook group.