Mount Royal parents are desperate for babysitters


The president of the Association des Parents de MontRoyal (APMR) reports that there has been a big increase in demand for babysitters this year in connection with the pandemic.

“Our Facebook group was drowning in demand for babysitters, so we even created a sub-group for people who are looking for babysitters and cleaning ladies,” said Sophie Seguin, APMR president. “There was so much demand for it. Enormous.”

In connection with this needs, the group allowed students who are looking for jobs to post on their Facebook page for the first time – this includes both university and secondary school students.

“Because they couldn’t find jobs this year, and they can babysit children,” Seguin explained. She said she isn’t sure if the rate that babysitters charge went up this year because of the increase in demand with schools and summer camps being closed – or parents afraid to send their children even to day camps for fear of the virus.

“We are just a platform to make it easier to exchange information,” she said.

However, one of the parents in the Facebook group recently asked this exact question of other parents in the Town of Mount Royal – How much do you pay your babysitter? The answer – $15 per hour, several parents replied. A Mount Royal mother, Chantal, who also pays her babysitter $15 per hour, commented, “I remember 30 years ago, I was paid $2 per hour – for three kids, meal, bath time… time changes.